Are you new to the NFT market?

It may be that you have considered the NFT market as exciting, and you have plans to familiarize yourself with this. The NFT market is unfortunately fraught with many types of fraud and uncertainties, so here it is important to tread carefully.

Even if you have decided not to think about the NFT market, today it is almost impossible not to be invited into this world.

A type of fraud is unfortunately not uncommon in the NFT market. Many people who paint and publish their pictures on social media have probably experienced the following situation.

A person pretends to be a buyer and tries to persuade you as an artist to mint images on a certain platform. The buyer suggests that he may be willing to pay NOK 30,000 - 50,000 per picture. It can be very tempting for an artist to accept this offer, especially if they are promised a large sum for the artwork.

However, it may turn out that the person pretending to be the buyer is actually a commission hunter, who only gets his income from the commission agreed with the NFT platform. Once the artist has minted the images on that particular platform, the buyer will receive their commission, and the artist may be left with images on an NFT platform that never sell for the price the images were advertised for. The artist has paid many thousands in fees to mint the pictures at the price that the buyer is willing to pay. The buyer who contacted the artist has disappeared, the NFT platform has received its income, and the artist has become poorer, and will certainly remain somewhat poorer for a long time to come.

It is important to be careful when receiving offers from people posing as buyers in the NFT market. You should always do thorough research on the person and their background, and you should also investigate the platform they propose to use for the minting of your image. Make sure the platform is reliable and secure and that you will receive your payment once the artwork is sold.

If you suspect that the person you are communicating with is not a genuine buyer, but rather a commission hunter, you should be extra careful. Don't give out any personal information or upload any photos on a platform you don't trust. You may also want to contact the platform directly and ask for confirmation of the person's identity and their relationship with the platform.

All in all, it is important to be careful when selling NFT images, especially when receiving offers from people you do not know. Do thorough research on the person and the platform before accepting any deals, and be aware of signs of fraud or fraud.

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