About myself

My hobby

This is a hobby, I don't need to paint and I have no ambitions to have it as a major secondary income.  I paint because I feel like it, and I think I'm developing, and eventually I manage to create something that I'm proud of.   

I am retired and have finished my professional life, but I still take great pleasure in creating something, and not least creating something based on my own ideas for a picture.  I am proud when others also think the photos are great, and I am very proud when someone says they would like to buy a photo.

Everyone likes to brag, or to put it another way:  the vast majority take great pleasure in recognition.  At the very top comes the genuine recognition, which clearly shows that someone likes what you do.   

I get a lot of positive comments, "likes" and hearts when I publish my photos on social media.  I publish in many different channels, and I keep an eye on what people give in terms of feedback, and which images give the best response.  I follow along, since this is after all a recognition of my work.

  This is very stimulating and rewarding, and not least corrective and instructive,  but for me the absolute recognition is when a complete stranger to me contacts me and announces that they want to buy a picture of me to hang in their own home.  You can't get a clearer recognition.  Some strangers are willing to hang my pictures in their own homes, and others are willing to pay money for it.  It is a genuine recognition for me, and it cannot be said more clearly than that.

Who am I?

I was born in Narvik 70 years ago, and have spent most of my working life in Narvik. I won't bore you with my story, but since I have mentioned that I am retired, I can include that I have had my work as a senior lecturer at UIT, the Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik.

I have always liked to draw and make sketches, and later in my professional life became interested in computer-assisted drawing and construction (CAD).  Photography has also been a nice hobby,  and through all this it has become natural for me to think about perspective, light, colours,  composition and computer engineering.

When I went to acquire the iPad and the software Procreate in January 2019, this was a conscious decision, now I was going to learn to draw, paint and create pictures.   


I am self-taught and have not studied at any university or apprenticed with anyone else in arts and crafts.  I have my education in a completely different subject area than art, but I have learned to learn.  I have experience from studying, and I use this every day. I myself am an academic and have respect for the academic education that art education in Norway is. It is nevertheless possible to study elements of an academic education independently, with guidance and instruction from people at home and abroad. Big thanks to them.

I spend a lot of time painting, as this is my hobby, but I also spend a lot of time studying art and techniques.  Since I paint digitally, I don't have to spend time learning the craft of mixing colors, stretching the canvas, choosing brushes and brush strokes.   

Digital painting also gives me the advantage that I can paint anywhere and anytime.  I can take my iPad with me and and then I can make sketches, paint, work with social media, work with my online store and as well as other artists.


So far I have nothing on my CV except that my photos have been sold to many people at home and abroad. So I have never held a physical exhibition of my photos.

On the other hand, I am represented in a number of digital galleries and sales points on the internet. My images are available for sale on the following international digital galleries:

Artmajeur, Saatchiart, SOCIETY6, FineartAmerica, Displate, Virtualgallery, ARTmo, The Artling