Are there Norwegian bloggers who actively write about visual art?

Yes, there are several Norwegian bloggers who write about visual art and art in general. Here are some of the most active Norwegian art bloggers:
  1. Art and culture - The blog Art and culture is one of Norway's largest art blogs and writes about everything from painting and photography to sculpture and artwork in the public space.

  2. Kunstkritikk - Kunstkritikk is one of Norway's leading art blogs and writes about current exhibitions and art events, both in Norway and internationally.

  3. Visual artists in Oslo and Akershus (BOA) - BOA is an organization for visual artists in Oslo and Akershus, and their blog contains information about events, exhibitions and other activities related to visual arts in the region.

  4. Contemporary Art Norway (CAN) - CAN is a blog dedicated to contemporary art in Norway and writes about current exhibitions, events and art news.

  5. Artscene Trondheim - Artscene Trondheim is a blog that focuses on art and culture in Trondheim and the surrounding area.

These blogs can give you insight into the Norwegian art scene and keep you up to date on current exhibitions, events and art events.

If anyone knows of more websites with blogs about art, please send me a message or add a comment. Perhaps it is possible to create a large overview of different art blogs.

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