Where can one find knowledge about art?

There are many ways to acquire knowledge and skills as a visual artist without following a formal education. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Read books and online resources about visual arts and techniques.
  2. Watch videos on YouTube and other websites about different art techniques and styles.
  3. Visit art museums and art galleries to study different styles and admire works of art.
  4. Practice and experiment with different art techniques and materials, and find your own style.
  5. Participate in workshops and courses for visual artists.
  6. Follow artists and their work on social media.
  7. Join local art associations and groups to meet and learn from other artists.
  8. Consider an online course or workshop from a professional visual artist.
  9. Explore online resources such as online communities for visual artists and forums for critique and feedback.

It is important to remember that practice and exploration are essential to becoming a good visual artist. Find a technique you like and practice regularly and you will attract knowledge and skills over time.

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