Hvordan lage digital kunst

How to make digital art

Are digitally produced images art?

Some will probably react to my calling it art, but if you look at the definition of art, art includes everything that is artificial. Basically, anything created by humans can be called art. Art is therefore all human-made expressions of feelings, thoughts and ideas in a perceptible, symbol-laden form. Since art is artificial, art is a selective reproduction of reality in accordance with the artist's assessment.

I therefore create art or images using digital tools. There are many artists who do just this. Some use Photoshop and manipulate original photos, and others use Photoshop and other software to draw or paint their images from scratch. I do the latter, but I use a program called Procreate. With the help of a large iPad, an apple Pencil, I create my images.


There are many techniques and different software that can be used, but I will tell a little about how I do it.


I always start with a simple sketch. Then I always try to keep the desired focus point within the three-part of the screen.

I had originally intended to make a clear boathouse, with mountains in the background.

In this case, I will create a landscape image with a red boathouse that will be in focal points. It is also natural at this point to decide where the main light source is and where the light will come from

This was quickly changed to a boathouse by a mountain lake, with some trees and vegetation around. Then I start shading the sketch. I shade the sketch into three levels, dark, midtone and light. In this way, I get a good impression of the balance in the image before I start.


I have chosen in advance which main color will be included in the image. This is a color palette that I make available in the software. Then the work starts with laying out the colors. At this stage there is no focus on details to be included in the image.

I also use to add a base color that is different from white, on one of the many transparent sheets that I have available. In the finished image, this color will shine through in several places. In this case, dark brown is chosen.


When the main elements have been laid out in their main colour, the work on detailing begins. With a digital painting process, it is always possible to make changes in a very simple way. You can select elements, make them bigger, smaller, darker or lighter. Also, color correction is also easy to do.

Color adjustment

Finally, I always carry out a color adjustment. There may be places in the image that I think should be lighter or darker, or that the entire image should be adjusted.

Finally, just sign the photo.

I have made a simple video, which quickly runs through the entire process of creating my image, which is presented on the iPad first in the blog. This is a quick film, so all small activities are naturally not very visible in the video.

As you can see, the finished image is mirrored horizontally in relation to the video.

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