Innramming med eller uten passepartout

Framing with or without passepartout

Many galleries sell pictures ready-framed, and for those who have little time or consider this task to be too difficult, it is a sensible solution. If you think that you should manage this yourself, then it is clearly manageable to carry out. You must of course have available all the various parts needed, frame, tape, ruler, mount, and of course your photo.


If you have bought a photo that is not a so-called standard format, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0, you must order the frame according to size. If you have a standard picture size, you can also order a standard frame and standard mount.

Standard frames with and without passepartout can be bought in most furniture stores today, and not least in low-cost chains such as Rusta, Europris, Clas Olsson and IKEA. Here you get cheap frames ready for hanging, which match the pictures from HareideART.

Why passepartout

Passepartout is the name for the white border that encircles the picture and that creates air between the picture and the frame. The passepartout also has the task of ensuring that the artwork does not lie directly against the glass plate, which causes the image to stick to the glass.

By using passepartout, you get a professional expression, and highlight the motif in a unique way. If you want to use a distinctive frame, it can work well to use passepartout, so that the picture still gets the attention it deserves. Passepartout can also make the picture appear larger than it is, or make framing easier if the picture has unusual dimensions.

You can choose both a black mat or an all-white mat, and they are also available in different degrees of white for the mat. Black mounts are perfect for images with strong colors you want to highlight, while our white mount is a more classic choice that gives any image a more exclusive look.

As a rule, the shops give measurements both on the frame itself and on the inside of the passepartout, so that it should be easy to find out what suits you best, and the layout you want.

If you do not want to buy the cheap standard frames that are available in the discount chains, I recommend buying frames and mounts from a specialist shop.

Different dimensions

When ordering a frame and passepartout, you are dealing with different dimensions, which you need to know.

The different dimensions are Frame dimension, Image dimension and Passepartout dimension.

Passepartout inside measure

If we consider the passepartout dimension first, then it has a picture opening (inner opening dimension) which is designated as inner dimension. It can, for example, be for 20x 28.7 cm. The passepartout also has an outer dimension, for example 30 x 40 cm.

Then this passe-partout will fit a frame dimension of 30 x 40 cm.

Then the picture that we have bought must fit the inner dimension of the passe-partout. The image size must be slightly larger than the inner size of the passepartout. In the example, the appropriate image size would be 21 x 29.7 cm, which is the dimension of the standard A4 format.

The pictures that HareideART supplies all have external dimensions according to the standards A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1. This means that you can order mats that are suitable for standard pictures, and then the outer dimensions of the mats must match the frame dimensions.

I would recommend ordering frames and passepartout from or

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