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Rallar in abstract nature

Rallar in abstract nature

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Technique : Digital Graphic Art. (DGA)
Circulation : Open
Signing : Simple signing

Rallaren, a historical figure in Narvik, who helped build the railway from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik. The railway is the foundation for the establishment of the city of Narvik.

Image is so-called Digital Graphic Art, where the original printing plate is a digital file. The image is therefore, instead of a graphic printing plate, printed directly from the file, which is a file with a very high resolution, and consequently the image can be printed in various sizes with very high quality.

Museum-quality image in matt acid-free paper for long life (100 years) This image is printed with paper without bleach, and the color of the paper is off-white. This helps ensure that the colors do not change over time or lose their hue.

- Paper weight: 250 gr per square meter.

- Picture is properly packaged to be sent by post.

- Picture sold without frame

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